Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Settling into farm life

Well, we have just celebrated our first month here at the farm, and it's been a busy one! Last week we moved across to our little hunting cabin on our property, and we have been focusing on making it as comfortable and cosy as possible ahead of our planned build. First on our list of priorities was adding an additional solar panel to our array.

Wayne designed and built a very nifty north facing base structure, which he can adjust in summer to a near horizontal plane, maximising exposure. We are SO chuffed how well the solar installation is running, the lowest battery charge was 80%, even with power tools and basic appliances drawing charge - simultaneously!

We have also tackled the project of enclosing our little cabin's porch (stoep), so that we could move the cooking and food storage area out of our combined bedroom. Wayne and I shot through to Cape Town to fetch timber cladding, which we brought back on our quad trailer, as well as our new top loader energy efficient washing machine WOOO HOOOOO!!!! (making me a very happy housewife hehe). All three of us have been hard at work removing the existing laticing which provided some wind protection, and replacing it with the shiplap pine cladding - along with a door and two windows.

I also now have a kitchen sink and running water INSIDE our cabin, whereas before we were schlepping in water from the outside tap. We have also dug out our grey water pit, and run the plumbing from the existing french drain out to the pit. We also have a bathroom basin (with HOT water nogal!) and a three plate gas cooker....lol....all conveniences that are very appreciated.

Wayne has called in some help from some local guys and has constructed the structure behind the cabin that will become the carport and storage room.

We are also busy with a ranch style Australian Wattle pole fence, which will 
circle the cabin (and future house), as well as a corner area of the property that we affectionately refer to as the "pretty garden". My Dad arrived with his trekker one morning last week and cleared out all the indigenous Renosterveld within the planned garden, and soon I will start throwing around some landscaping ideas.

We're still waiting on our building plan approval to come through, the municipality has requested that due to the nature of the house (raised/timber), we need a structural engineer to sign off the plans first.

More to follow soon x


  1. Hi there
    Have followed you over here from your mum's blog. Am very jealous of your homestead but can completely understand your happiness at getting a washing machine again. That's top of my list of machines I really don't think I could manage without (so much so that a hand-crank one is on my list of things to buy whenever I have money to spare - even if the lights go out, I still want to have a washing machine, LOL).
    Look forward to reading along (and seeing the photos) as you settle in. Also, a primary school that teaches the kids to make cheese? How flippin' fantastic is that?!

  2. I have also followed you over and must say I most throroughly enjoy both the blogs. Maybe one day i can also do this... SIGH.

  3. hey natasha!

    looking good over there and glad to hear you sounding so happy :) hi to wayne and mikey!

    next time i see you i expect some of that cheese - tell mikey to get cracking :P

    bestest wishes

  4. Hi Pry!! Wow cool to hear from you! Hope you guys are well. Thanks for checking us out, Mikey's working on that cheese for ya! :-P