Monday, 9 September 2013

(Farm) animals make a home

Snow covered Langeberge during a break in the rain 
The last month has been spent mainly dealing with the weather from our little 'campsite'. Having finally experienced the rain and snow on the mountains that is typical of an Overberg winter, we're happy to advise that we are making it through! 

Buffeljags River - en route to Michael's school
Snow above Swellendam in the west

Still waiting to commence the main build of the house, Wayne and Terrence were busy with the carport and main storeroom. We've also installed a fresh water tank directly behind the bathroom (the silver corrugated iron with the extractor) along with a pressure activated water pump, for the days when we experience low water pressure - ensuring that we always have enough drinking water on tap hehe..

Roof on! Some shade at last!
From the other side
So we took the leap of faith and have invested in a fledgling farm yard, with two male baby goats from Mikey's school (it's kidding season, and with a surplus of goats how could we resist.....), 4 baby rabbits and 4 chickens. The goats were a week old when we took them home, and are on a three hourly bottle feeding regime - thankfully not through the night - and are simply adorable. The affection received is well worth the effort involved.

Vettie and Blackjack
Still waiting for eggs......get laying chickens!!

We're desperately hoping to get busy with the actual house build this month coming. Hold thumbs for us that everything falls into place!!

Until then :-)


  1. S'funny - they're even cuter in the photo's than they are in real life LOL

  2. I love your blog. As I am from George, and have friends in Swellendam, this makes me feel a little bit part of this. Please keep on posting!